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ATTENTION: This service and others are completely confidential and everything between myself and yourself is kept strictly private.  Under no circumstances will I ever write a person's thesis, nor alter it substantially that it becomes my own work. The goal of the service is not to replace a student's input but to guide it. As such, this service stays within the lines of academic regulations and rules and is a thesis proofreading/editing, review, and support service, using Track Changes and comments (see below), rather than a thesis "creation" service. If you are struggling with any of the issues below, let's talk. And certainly let's talk before you engage with any unethical practices or AI. As you can see from my testimonials, Career Projections works in line with college regulations, not against them. 


Show me something complex and I will show you something simple. That was at the heart of my own studies, pivotal in helping me connect and work with a vast number of clients across various sectors, fostering collaborative engagements with academic departments and institutes, as a well as a host of public bodies and private sector businesses. It was opportunity from adversity, par excellence. A multi-disciplined and holistic approach to life can set you up for any task, helping you to adapt to any situation in your professional development.


Not everyone will need all the services below, but everyone will recognise the need for them all the same. Whatever service you want, I can accommodate.

Let start with the basics first:

  • Fixing Spelling, grammar, punctuation, typographical, and flow and coherence issues for you, using Track Changes  (proofreading and editing). For examples, see my videos here and here

  • ESL (English as Second Language) issues

  • Thesis Formatting problems: spacing, Table of Contents, margins, graphs, figures and tables alignment and consistency, aesthetics, etc.

  • Bibliography and reference style inconsistency and confusion 

  • Journal and book publication issues (and there are many!)

  • Printing and Binding 

  • Viva Voce exam preparation (PhD)

  • AI and ethical research  


Okay, now we’re cooking. Let’s up the ante!

  • Academic coaching

  • Tailored learning and development plans to suit you

  • Overall thesis structure and flow problems

  • Academic writing issues

  • Plagiarism and copyright 

  • Literature review going nowhere, in terms of critical analysis and engagement

  • Systematic Review and Scoping Review spiralling out of control 

  • Methodology and framework confusion

  • Action Research, with no action!

  • Thematic analysis and IPA...but nothing of the sort!

  • Misalignment of discussion chapter in terms of its relationship with Literature Review

  • Structuring of results chapter goes nowhere 

  • Research question and objectives never answered fully

  • A lack of clear conclusion and recommendations


Sometimes, we have to go deeper though …

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Lack of supervisor support, and/or college/office politics

  • A confusion as to how best to supervise students, and teach! (Supervisor Training)

  • Public speaking and Media presence 

  • Returning to education after a long absence

  • Distance learning isolation

  • Dyslexia and other learning difficulties

  • Anxiety and depression, and sick leave

thesis proofreader


We use the term proofreading/editing to define, not only spelling, grammar, and punctuation correction, but also the correction of the language and structure of the text into something more "academic". Academic tone and language, and the lack thereof,  are issues that plague one's thesis, as are issues of flow, coherence, and consistency. The proof and edit service also includes feedback, where necessary, through comments. 

Please remember that, when adding up your word count, only add up the main chapters of the thesis. Your appendices will not need to be looked at, from a proofreading and editing point of view. It's always best to email or phone to get a proper quote, and to check for availability.

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