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PhD editing help
Irish proofreader


We never judge the quality of your work and we take on all types of clients, at all levels, and with all issues, be they academic or personal. We have seen and heard it all. The goal is to guide and instruct you towards the end of your thesis. Constructive, not destructive, criticism. Don't go it alone! We deal with all types of thesis and dissertation  - Undergraduate, Masters, Research Masters, and PhD, from a variety of Irish university sectors.

In terms of Academic Proofreading, we fix the most common spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Below are some other common errors we fix:

  • Tense agreement; consistent past, present, and future (especially in methodology and findings chapters);

  • Incorrect fonts/font sizes and spacing issues;

  • Bibliography and reference style inconsistency (Harvard, APA, Chicago, OSCOLA, IHL); 

  • Formatting problems: spacing, Table of Contents, margins, graphs, figures and tables alignment and consistency, aesthetics, etc. For formatting only service, click here;

  • Overall structure and flow; Academic language;

  • Literature review, in terms of critical analysis and engagement;

  • Use of methodology and utilization in thesis;

  • Evaluation of discussion chapter in terms of its relationship with Literature review;

  • Structuring of results chapter;

  • Research question and objectives and how you have utilized them; particularly in how you structure and conclude the thesis.


In terms of Academic Language, we will help you identify the most common stumbling blocks when it comes to academic writing, helping shift your thesis into a more presentable (and readable) format. Academic writing differs from other types of writing, such as journalistic or creative writing. In most forms of academic writing, a detached and objective approach is required. An academic argument appeals to logic and provides evidence in support of an intellectual position. Thus, it is important to present your arguments in a clear, logical order and to arrive at concrete conclusions. In academic writing, researchers always interact with other researchers and so there will be frequent references to the ideas, thinking, or research of others in that same field. You must give credit to those with whom you are interacting, with guidelines for referencing and citation strictly followed. As such, in academic writing, it is important that, when a claim is made, it is backed up by actual evidence; thus, it is expected that the author take a critical approach to the material being explored. Spurious claims and unreferenced arguments are all too common these days online, so make sure your own don’t take the same shape.  


Click here for prices. It is always best to ring or email to obtain an accurate price quote, as a person's thesis \ dissertation can often reach quite high word counts, most of which will not need to be proofread.  


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