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Managing director


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My own educational and career life has been quite diverse. I have been running Career Projections now, full time, for nearly four years, as of 2018, and have been involved as a proofreader and consultant for many years previous. I've had a diverse academic journey, to say the least. I have a degree in Archaeology and Ancient Hebrew from UCD, before I supplemented that with a study of Religion and languages, for my Masters and PhD, at DCU. From there, I went on to study business, helping formulate the ideas you see before you.

My consultancy skills can come in very handy, for both employee/ employer, and for students, and, often times, both, depending on where you are on your career ladder. I have worked with everyone from middle to senior management, with some CEOs thrown in (and about!) for good measure. I find sometimes that my colourful academic past can draw people towards me who might otherwise have never met such an anomaly, such that I am. Nevertheless, our goals are the same -  the drive to better ourselves. We must succeed, and we must leave a legacy that speaks of our worth and our truths in life. If you'll give me the time, I think we can all find that clear and correct path that tells the tale of us the most. A tale worth telling.

Welcome to Career Projections. 

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Main areas of expertise:

  • Research Proposals

  • Qualitative Studies

  • Quantitative Studies

  • Case studies

  • Extended Literature Review

  • Technical Manuals

  • Social science theses

  • Education-based theses

  • Nursing- and medical-based theses

  • Business and Management theses

  • Harvard, Chicago, APA, and MLA styles, plus more.

  • Undergrad, and Postgrad levels (Masters | PhD)


Why choose me?


  • Accessibility: All of my services are online and available to you no matter where you are in Ireland. That translates to less stress for everyone involved. 100% confidential service.

  • Higher Grades: A properly proofread and formatted thesis can be the difference between a pass and a fail or, in my examples, a 1.1 or a 2.1. I help people, no matter what state their work is in!

  • Customer ServiceCheck my reviews. I never judge. My goal is to guide and instruct. Constructive, not destructive, criticism!  


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