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thesis ireland proofreading


CareerProjections is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Our Privacy Statement is designed to help you understand how we collect and utilise your personal information, and to assist you in making informed decisions when using our site, products, and services. We deeply respect your fundamental rights to privacy, and appreciate your constructive feedback at all times.


1. Confidentiality, Ownership & Copyright of submitted, edited, or created materials


You, the client, retain sole copyright, ownership, intellectual property, and control over all materials submitted to us, including any of your documents subsequently proofread and/or edited by us, including all Academic and Non-Fiction / Fiction work. This material, which you provide to us, is never given to anyone else other than the person assigned to work on it, who will be the one you chat to through either email or phone, or both. In cases whereby a second opinion is needed, and which would require one of our team members to reach out to another team member in CareerProjections, we will inform you and ask for your approval. Due to the often “original” nature of some Masters Research and Phd material which a client has in their thesis, we will never disclose any new findings or insights with anyone. Your work is your own and we, as academics ourselves, understand the need to safeguard ideas and thoughts. We will never disclose any information about your college work, nor will we suggest your work for future research, until said work is published, by either you or the college. This principle remains the same for any Fiction and Non-Fiction material we may proofread or edit, whether it be early submission material or your full novel. Privacy is our number one priority here at CareerProjections. Within the arrangement you have with CareerProjections, only you and an assigned team member will ever view and work on the material you submit to us. After our services are no longer required, the work is deleted from our databases and any emails containing the work is deleted.  If you have any concerns about any of the above, please contact us on 087 338 6612 or email We would be happy to put your mind at ease.


2. Do you sell your customers' personal information or work to third parties?


We do not sell, trade, rent, or otherwise commercially retransmit any personal information or college work we collect online from you.


We do not outsource to anyone outside of this company (Career Projections).  



Last updated 23 November 2022

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