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PhD editing help
Irish proofreader


 Check out my reviews and testimonials from academics and students who used my service. 

Proofreading, editing, and formatting -  Undergrad, Masters, Research Masters, or Doctoral thesis - All in one, all confidential, and all under one roof! Chapter by chapter or full thesis, you decide. 

Irish Masters thesis proofreaders

Below are some of the most common errors we will look for and fix:

  • Typographical, punctuation, grammatical, and spelling errors

  • Tense agreement; consistent past, present, and future

  • Incorrect fonts/font sizes and spacing issues

  • Sentence length problems; clear, short sentences are better in most cases

  • Filler sentences and/or irrelevant sections

  • Repetition and repeated use/overuse of terms and phrases

  • Fix the flow of the thesis, making sure your sentences move your argument along from section to section, with no jarring or abrupt "second level" lead ins and lead outs. 

  • Casual tone; a more academic tone is best

  • Bibliography and reference style inconsistency (Harvard, APA, Chicago, OSCOLA etc.) 

  • Formatting problems: spacing, Table of Contents, margins, graphs, figures and tables alignment and consistency, aesthetics.

  • Click here to see how the service works.

We deal with all types of thesis and dissertation  - Undergraduate, Masters, Research Masters, and PhD, from a variety of Irish university sectors, from the Arts and Humanities to the Social Sciences, and from the Business world to the Medical/Pharmaceutical world. We also help students involved in a range of subjects within Science.


  • We are also online; accessible to anyone across Ireland, the UK, and beyond.

  • All changes are made using Track Changes. All edits and changes to spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. are done and dusted on our end, meaning you have very little work to do when you get it back. Time is key. We understand that!

  • All payments are made online and secured through PayPal or bank transfer. 

  • We will aim to have your thesis proofread and edited in 4-6 days, for a Masters Thesis, and 7-8 days, for a PhD thesis. In off peak times, turnaround times may be shorter. We also have an express service, should you need it. 

  • Need formatting help? Click here.

  • We provide ongoing support for those who need help for individual chapters in their thesis, over a number of weeks and months.

  • Looking for a more thorough review of your thesis contents and arguments? Click here.


It is always best to ring or email to obtain an accurate price quote, as a person's thesis \ dissertation can often reach quite high word counts, most of which will not need to be proofread.  There is also the issue of how much editing or work needs to be done, which will factor into the price. Work out which sections need proofreading and editing (for instance, do you need your Appendices and Bibliography proofread) and then check our prices page


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