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thesis service

How tHE sERVICE Works!

thesis help
thesis support

Step 1.

Call or email me and tell me what you need; what type of thesis it is, how many words it is, do you need help with just proofreading and editing, do you need formatting or help with referencing, do you need supervisor support, do you need someone to help with your academic writing, etc. The service caters to those who only want one thing, or those who need help with everything. You decide! Go here to see what service you need. 

fiction proofread
thesis editing ireland
Thesis help

Step 2.

Email me the thesis in a word doc, along with your referencing style and any formatting guidelines you have (if you require help with those elements). My prices and rates can be found on the tab above, but I will let you know a final price for everything before I start, as well as a timeline for completion. At Career Projections, there are no lengthy waiting or completion times (days, not weeks), as the business is run solely by me on a full time basis.

phd thesis proofreading
masters thesis proofreading
college help

Step 3.

I will create two files that will be returned to you at the end. One will be a track changes document (which records every single change I make, and which can be edited by yourself further). The other doc will be a clean doc, in which the changes have been already made for you (Larger scale supervisory changes will be made through comments). All corrections are made for you already on these docs, saving you a lot of time once you get it back. In most cases the thesis is ready to be submitted after being returned. 

qualitative thesis
masters thesis help
doctoral thesis help

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PhD editing help
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