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We can help you with your submission, in terms of proofreading, copy-editing, and formatting. We are familiar with a range of different formatting standards, for a range of different journals, so your work is in expert hands.

Based in Dublin, but accessible online to anyone across Ireland, we deal with work from a variety of Irish university sectors, from the Arts and Humanities to the Social Sciences, and from the Business world to the Medical/Pharmaceutical world. We also help researchers involved in a range of subjects within Science.

Depending on our schedule, our turnaround time can be extremely quick, measured in days, not weeks. 

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Though primarily an academic proofreading site, I find, increasingly, I am being called on to deal more and more with life beyond college, though never too far away from the umbrella term of "learning". To this end, I find many clients wish to publish, either traditionally or through their own means. Either of these routes requires careful editing and consultation, however. And, so, here we are. 

The same types of services for thesis work are available here, though please note that, if you are seeking representation with an agent or publisher, there are standards that go beyond the usual academic ones, with each House having their own style guide and requirements. I cater to them all:

  • Historical non-Fiction

  • Biographies and Autobiographies

  • Chapters in Edited Academic Books 

  • Family History and Genealogy 

But what about fiction?

What about fiction, indeed. I have a rule, generally, about proofreading and editing outside an area I am not qualified in. I have a doctorate and years of experience working on other doctoral material. I feel this qualifies me to be an expert on your thesis. Regarding fiction, I have nothing (though I am working toward that....stay tuned!). The long and the short of it, I guess, is that I get many requests to help out with novels and always state from the outright that, apart from finishing a book every two weeks, and editing and working on my own novel, and providing some editing classes for budding writers sporadically, I don’t have any physical proof of my skills (the Booker Prize and New York Times shortlists continue to elude me). Still, I do think I have something to offer (editing is editing, after all). So, let’s chat and see what I can do for you. 

Fiction and novel proofreading


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