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Proofreading and editing for your thesis!

Good morning! Anyone looking to get their #thesis looked at and #corrected, give me a shout! I know a lot of people are coming to the end of their #PhD, or halfway through their #Masters or #undergrad #dissertation, so if you're struck, don't go it alone!

My #proofreading, #editing, #formatting, and #AcademicWriting services will make sure you reach your deadlines. No more stress. My services are open to all students, at all levels, across Ireland. Perfect for those working full time or those who have fallen behind, or even those who have not been getting the supervisor support they need. All services are completely confidential and abide by college rules and regulations.

Visit my website to see how it all works, or contact me, Dr. Bill Mallon, on 0873386612 or to find out more. As always, check out my YouTube channel on my website to see my work. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

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