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🎥 Get ready for an exciting next few videos, arriving soon!

1️⃣ February 2nd - "Mastering Your Thesis: Common Mistakes & Fixes"

Discover the key to a flawless thesis as we delve into prevalent mistakes and provide practical solutions. Elevate your writing skills and make your thesis shine.

2️⃣ February 5th - "Harmony in Academia: Bridging the Gap Between Academics and Non-Academics"

Join me in exploring the symbiotic relationship between academia and non-academia. Learn how these worlds can not only coexist but thrive together, fostering collaboration and understanding.

3️⃣ February 12th - "Navigating Student-Supervisor Dynamics in Thesis Supervision"

Dive into the complexities of the student-supervisor relationship, especially when students are non-academics. Uncover common challenges and effective solutions for a successful thesis supervision experience.

4️⃣ February 16th - "Reading for Success: Non-Academics' Guide to Crafting a Stellar Literature Review"

Join me as we delve into the art of reading for success and crafting an outstanding literature review. Leverage your unique perspective to create a review that stands out, even without an academic background.

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