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Hey everyone! Merry Christmas! Hope everyone has a lovely day. I know a lot of people will be spending some of it with their thesis but hang in there and do little bits when you can. But more importantly remember to take breaks, especially today. I'm here from the 28th December if you need me 😊❤ January schedule, Part 1! The next 4 videos I will be posting are below. Hope you're looking forward to them! The first video will be on the lit review chapter and will detail three steps which I think will help improve your chapter, and your writing. The next video will then detail Flow and how you can easily use flow in your lit review and other chapters to improve your clarity and coherence and help your academic writing. The next video will then look at an overview of qualitative and quantitative methods, as well as mixed, detailing the differences between them, with some examples of how they are structured, including how the methods chapter is outlined. The next video will then look at qualitative methodologies more specifically, with some great examples of how to organise a qualitative thesis, with examples of how to present your data, as well as common mistakes to avoid (Quantitative and Mixed examples to come in the following week videos!) Thanks 😊

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