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thesis writer

+353 87 338 6612



How the process works!

Initial Contact

  • Knowing you, Knowing me: You’re not in the middle of a vast sea or desert. Breathe! I’m on your side, and I’m here to help. Tell me about you and why you are doing this…More importantly, why the long face?

  • Understand the Topic: Discuss your thesis topic, objectives, and scope to get a clear understanding of your research focus.

Needs Assessment

  • Identify Learning Needs: Analyse any skills gap you might have by assessing current competencies and comparing them with your desired competencies. In terms of academia, this is how you have studied and learned over your life. If something needs to change, we can explore that. And change it!

  • Clarify Expectations and Establish Boundaries: Here we define the roles and responsibilities of both the advisor and the student, including timelines and deadlines. Learning is ongoing, but time is precious. At some point, the stabilisers must come off the bike. My job is to get you thinking about education so that you become self-sufficient, and a type of educator yourself.  Knowledge sharing!

  • Establish Roadblocks: Is your supervisor present or has communication broken down? Is it a 2-way communication problem? Can responsibilities be split? Is college for you? Imposter Syndrome?  You’re not alone!


  • Set Objectives: As I say multiple times in my videos, work smarter, not faster; and certainly not “harder” (an impossible metric to define, btw). Why give yourself one big task when several smaller ones that feed into the larger one is more manageable? The skills you use in your job do transfer to college…

  • Develop Content: Do you learn better through written or visual (Spatial) or auditory methods?  Some people are quite logical, others kinaesthetic. The spectrum can often be blurred and we can find a blend. Given the nature of the world we live in, we must also recognise the solitary learner and the social learner.

  • Build Roadmap: Discuss the number of chapters to be completed, other thesis examples you may follow, and build in parameters for how long each chapter will take and how to know when you have done enough. Sometimes you have to move on before you can look back. More to the point, stopped wheels are better than “spinning wheels”.


  • Select and Create Training: Perhaps you would prefer to learn on a continuous basis or prefer to get feedback in one quick burst. I can cater to whatever your schedule or needs are. Often times with large projects, I can monitor a person’s progress better when I work with them chapter by chapter, in the case of a thesis. That allows me to track mistakes and roadblocks and course correct them for the next stage in their project, saving time for myself and the client. The more work we put in at the beginning, the less time the project will take. For once off, learning endeavours, I can tailor to maximise workflow and output, in addition to teachings.

  • Prepare Learning Materials: Career Projections is built around being a multi-disciplinary toolbox and so anything I take from one sector can be utilised in another. This refashioning of tools to suit different proposes has served me well and has allowed me to work with a range of sectors and fields. If you’re doing a quantitative thesis in education and are stuck for ideas, have you considered seeing how a social science or hard science thesis has approached the issue? I’m a fountain of knowledge. If you’re stuck, I’ve got the perfect learning resources for you.


  • Deliver Training: This is where we enact out the roadmap we built. I will keep you to your timetable and make sure that each time you learn with me it builds off the last training node.

  • Facilitate Learning: At times you will become demotivated and overwhelmed, often second guessing yourself. This is a normal part of the process. Sometimes we have to plant a flag in one aspect of a project and move on. Learnings elsewhere will then help you return to the flag at a later point and finish it. Just remember to plant the flag or else you’ll just end up “learning for learning sake”.


  • Assess Learning Outcomes and Innovating L&D Solutions: Sometimes the roadmap needs to be looked at again. Why did you stray off the path? Why are you now completely outside the map wandering the wilderness. The Track Changes and comments I leave you are just some of the markers to latch onto when it becomes dark. It’s still possible to move about in the dark if you have a good awareness of your surroundings, however. I’ll anticipate all eventualities for you. I have been doing this for ten years. I get a good sense of a client’s sector and work life and the bad habits they can drag into learning they have squirreled away since their teenage years. Don’t worry, I already tied the rope to you before you walked off the cliff!

  • Gather Feedback: Learning is a 2-way street. I’m always keen to gather feedback and grow and learn. I’ve been working with teachers and educators for 10 years, refining what I need. But I’ve also been talking to non-academics for ten years too. We don’t always get it right in college and sometimes the academic and non-academic divide can widen further, depending on our stubbornness. Let me be the bridge between the two worlds. Let’s grow together.

ATTENTION: This service and others are completely confidential and everything between myself and yourself is kept strictly private.  Under no circumstances will I ever write a person's thesis, nor alter it substantially that it becomes my own work. The goal of the service is not to replace a student's input but to guide it. As such, this service stays within the lines of academic regulations and rules and is a thesis proofreading/editing, review, and support service, using Track Changes and comments (see below), rather than a thesis "creation" service. If you are struggling with any of the issues below, let's talk. And certainly let's talk before you engage with any unethical practices or AI. As you can see from my testimonials, Career Projections works in line with college regulations, not against them. 


Thanks for submitting!

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