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PhD editing help
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We help Irish students from a variety of fields, from the Arts and Humanities to the Social Sciences, and from the Business world to the Medical/Pharmaceutical world. We also help those involved in a range of subjects within Science. Please see prices tab above for rates.

  • Undergrad and Post-grad essays and projects

  • Academic writing and structure

  • Typographical, punctuation, grammatical, and spelling errors

  • Tense agreement; consistent past, present, and future

  • Incorrect fonts/font sizes and spacing issues

  • Sentence length problems; clear, short sentences are better in most cases

  • Filler sentences and/or irrelevant sections

  • Repetition and repeated use/overuse of terms and phrases

  • Casual tone; a more academic tone is best

  • Bibliography and reference style inconsistency (Harvard, APA, Chicago, OSCOLA etc.) 

  • Formatting problems: spacing, Table of Contents, margins, graphs, figures and tables alignment and consistency, aesthetics.

essay proofreading college
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