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thesis academic writing

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Academic Library


Are you struggling with your thesis?

I promise you, you don't have to! 


Does any of this look familiar?

·         Spelling, grammar, and punctation issues.

·         Formatting problems: spacing, Table of Contents, margins, graphs, figures and tables alignment and consistency, aesthetics, etc.

·         Bibliography and reference style inconsistency and confusion. 

·         Overall thesis structure and flow problems.

·         Academic writing issues.

·         Literature review going nowhere, in terms of critical analysis and engagement.

·         Methodology confusion.

·         Misalignment of discussion chapter in terms of its relationship with Literature review.

·         Structuring of results chapter goes nowhere. 

·         Research question and objectives never answered fully.


Want to solve it now?


There are many thiongs of course we can list as issues we have whenever we go to put pen to paper, or finger to button, but all of it essdentially stands in servcie of a goal: a reason for why you udnertook this parteicular project. One of my favourite questions I ask when anyone is doing a thesis or project is Why are you doing this? Get past the usual answers, such as career, up/re-skill, and "they amde me do it", and a gap eemerges, a spce i ask my clienst to fill. Deep down there is an actual reason for what led you here. I oftejn tell my cleumnts, find that, and you'l never have t9o see what i ask you to do as "work" again. If you cant find it, then maybe itsd not to be found here. 

Its a tough part of my job to topredo ideas and passion projects; its an even greater reposnsility landed at my door to provide input into large csal erprojects. i hacve to assess all aveneues and corners, all blindspots, so that the advice i give is laser focused, that it not only crituiqes a cleinst work but lets them down gently. Nobody ever leaves with n othing. The asbcnece of soemthing in ones life can be far reatwer than the presence of a bruden in it. I wont weaste your time, and you wont waste mine. TOgether, something will come from it, not least a path: a pruipsoe!

In my videos I often disucss the notion of the academic vs the non academioc, tjhe person seemingly and often times uniwwitingly tasked to return to education, often against the will, it seems. 


That's why thesis coaching and facilitation is so important, to guide you where you supposed to be going, to bring down those stress levels and get you your life back painlessly and easily. The proofreading and academic writing support is only one thing in my toolbox. If you feel like your thesis is going nowhere and your supervisor is of no help or giving you the runaround, then get in touch with me and let's have a chat!

Don't think about what's the worst that could happen? Think about how you can get back your life, now! 

Call me, Dr. Bill Mallon, on 087-3386612

or email to see how I can help you! I firmly believe a 5 minute call is enough to figure out the best service for you!

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Need some tips and tricks for academic writing or thesis structure?

Check out our YouTube Channel.


New videos every week!

In terms of Academic Proofreading, we fix the most common spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Below are some other common errors we fix:

  • Tense agreement; consistent past, present, and future (especially in methodology and findings chapters);

  • Incorrect fonts/font sizes and spacing issues;

  • Bibliography and reference style inconsistency (Harvard, APA, Chicago, OSCOLA, IHL); 

  • Formatting problems: spacing, Table of Contents, margins, graphs, figures and tables alignment and consistency, aesthetics, etc. For formatting only service, click here;

  • Overall structure and flow; Academic language;

  • Literature review, in terms of critical analysis and engagement;

  • Use of methodology and utilization in thesis;

  • Evaluation of discussion chapter in terms of its relationship with Literature review;

  • Structuring of results chapter;

  • Research question and objectives and how you have utilized them; particularly in how you structure and conclude the thesis.



It is always best to ring or email to obtain an accurate price quote. We offer very reasonable prices for different types of client, depending on the level of work they are doing and how much work is needed or required. We aim to help everyone, so don't worry!   


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