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PhD editing help


FOUNDER & Chief Editor

+353 87 338 6612

Main areas of expertise:

  • Qualitative Studies

  • Quantitative Studies

  • Case studies

  • Systematic Literature Review

  • Technical Manuals

  • Social science theses

  • Education-based theses

  • Nursing- and medical-based theses

  • Business and Management theses

  • Harvard, Chicago, APA, and MLA styles, plus more.

  • Undergrad, and Postgrad levels (Masters | PhD)


Something not on the list you need? Contact me. I’ll see what I can do.


Why choose me?


  • Accessibility: All of my services are online and available to you no matter where you are in Ireland. That translates to less stress for everyone involved. 

  • Higher Grades: A properly proofread and formatted thesis can be the difference between a pass and a fail or, in my examples, a 1.1 or a 2.1. I help people, no matter what state their work is in!

  • Peace of Mind: I'm an academic doctor and have been through the system. You won’t have to explain the issue to me. I will see it before you do.

  • Customer Service: Check my reviews. I never judge. My goal is to guide and instruct. Constructive, not destructive, criticism!  

My own educational and career life has been quite diverse. I have been running Career Projections now, full time, for nearly four years, as of 2018, and have been involved as a proofreader and consultant for many years previous. I have a degree in Archaeology and Ancient Hebrew from UCD, before I supplemented that with a study of Religion and languages, for my Masters and PhD, at DCU. From there, I went on to study business, helping formulate the ideas you see before you.

I have a keen interest in the past, but I also have a brighter eye on the future, namely, the use of technology to help bring students and workers closer to their desired career path. College is the start of your career life, so I will make sure your career trajectory, or projection, is finely tuned to give you the best chance.  I am happy to say that my expertise has led to some very rewarding challenges in my life and has allowed me to work with many colleges and institutions over the years, many of which you can find in my reviews and across my social media channels. Some of these opportunities led to rewarding career fairs and some lifelong contacts and friendships within the business world and in academia. 


My consultancy skills can come in very handy, for both employee / employer, and for students, and, often times, both, depending on where you are on your career ladder. I have worked with everyone from middle to senior management, with some CEOs thrown in (and about!) for good measure. I find sometimes that my colourful academic past can draw people towards me who might otherwise have never met such an anomaly, such that I am. Nevertheless, our goals are the same -  the drive to better ourselves. We must succeed, and we must leave a legacy that speaks of our worth and our truths in life. If you'll give me the time, I think we can all find that clear and correct path that tells the tale of us the most. A tale worth telling.

Welcome to Career Projections... 

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